Is motherhood part of your CV yet?

Multi-tasking, planning, staying calm in stressful moments, these are all amazing mother skills, but also highly valuable qualifications for the workplace. So why isn't 'motherhood' displayed proudly on every mother's CV? We believe that women shouldn't have to choose between having children and a career. It is time working mothers get the credit they deserve.

Returning from maternity leave?

Forgotten something after maternity leave? These new mothers have left a very important qualification off their CVs. This video highlights the amazing qualities and experiences mums bring to the workplace. We think it's time working mums receive the credit they deserve, don't you? 



The Choice

Women should not have to make a choice - it's time to close the gap between 'mum' and 'career'!

360 Review

An extra special performance review that celebrates every aspect of a dedicated working mother's life

Mum + career: what woman really think

We asked 500 working mothers their opinion

of mothers-to-be

don't think it's possible to

combine career and motherhood.

Combine career and children?
81% of mothers-to-be don't think it's possible

Although 13% of women want to keep working to set a positive example for their children, 33% think they will need to take a step back and work less as soon as they become a mother. 61% believe that having a chid will make it harder to advance professionally.

of mothers-to-be

delayed having a child

because of their career

Who says there is a perfect time to have children? Many mothers-to-be agree there just isn't.

The most important challenges perceived by women planning to have children are: finding the right balance between professional life and motherhood (78%) and missing out on the special moments of being a mother (56%).

of women feel that

motherhood should be valued

in the workplace.

However, 24% said that they wouldn't include 'motherhood' to their resume.

72% of women with children believe that being a mother has given them skills they can use at work. They have developed valuable skills like multi-tasking (39%), patience (63%) and time management (60%).

How to add motherhood to your LinkedIn profile?

We have created a MumPlus badge so that you can easily add your maternity leave to your LinkedIn profile.

Show your business network that motherhood is a qualification to be proud of. Add the MumPlus badge to your LinkedIn profile today.

Here is how it works:

You can add MumPlus as a position in the experience section on your profile page.


1. Go to your profile, scroll down and click on add experience.

2. Type MumPlus in the company field.

3. Now enter your dates of maternity leave and skills gained.

4. Add a personal message for your business network.

5. Click save and share with your business network.

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