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Tegernsee, Germany

A cottage in the mountains

If you’re a couple who are not able to relax well in a city (much like me), you might feel great amidst the mountains and lakes of Bavaria: a great place not only in summer, but also in fall and winter, when the weather is cold and wet and you have a longing to cuddle by the fireplace. How about a private house overlooking the Tegernsee, including an outdoor hot tub and large terrace? Or a secluded mountain lodge with breath-taking views of the Zillertal and super comfortable furniture? Only two examples of the many options to stay in the Bavarian and Austrian Alps, which can be booked for example via the booking platform Airbnb.

Location & Accessibility

From Munich, the trip to the Tegernsee takes about 1 hour by car. From Innsbruck airport it’s about 90 kilometers. If you do cross the border to Austria, don’t forget that Austrian motorways and expressways have toll roads and a sticker is required. It should go without saying that you cannot manage here without a car or a rental car. With your own car you can explore the region during the winter and if you enjoy landscapes you will discover many beautiful roads in this beautiful countryside.

Tegernsee Tips

Anyone staying at Tegernsee should start the day with a hearty visit to Bräustüberl Tegernsee at least once. Around lunch time you can enjoy the famous and very tasty veal sausages, and you can end your day by relaxing at the Monte Mare sauna in Tegernsee. Should you be looking for culture, you can visit Rottach Egern the Carriage and Sleigh Museum. From here it is not far to the Rottacher waterfalls: from the Enterrottach platforms it’s a good 30-minute-long walk through the woods to your destination.

Or you can also choose to stay 'at home' without feeling guilty about it...


By Heike Kaufhold (Germany)

Heike works as an Online Journalist, Author and Photographer. She focuses on writing about traveling and publishes one of the leading German Family travel blogs called 'Köln Format'. Heike Kaufhold is the mother of two boys aged 7 and 9. She is based in Cologne.