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Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

I went to Tenerife with my husband after nearly three years of racing between a full professional career, preparations for the wedding, renovating our old house, pregnancy, the birth of our first child and finally, building a new house. In all of that, the idea of starting a blog came along, making the days shrink into a microscopic size. At some point, after another night of only 3-hours’ sleep I told myself 'enough'. No matter how many refrigerators, washing machines or light bulbs we have to buy. No matter how much work we still have to do in the yard and in the house. Let it all collapse, let it burn, we are going on vacation. We will go on vacation, where we will be able to reset, to forget about everything that keeps us awake at night. We will go where we can charge our batteries, and if we succeed, we take a deep breath. The next day, I had already started searching on the internet for "all-inclusive holiday" and right after "all inclusive" my fingers magically typed another word: "Tenerife". I quickly booked it and 2 weeks later we packed our suitcases. Our son was with his beloved grandmother, who was taking care of him every day, so we knew that we were leaving him in good hands. We could go away alone on a well-deserved week of relaxation after three years of hard work.

Canary Islands - Tenerife

Tenerife is one of the largest islands of the archipelago of the Canary Islands and subordinate to Spain. But never call Canarians Spaniards, because they get offended! It's a bit like here in Poland with the Highlanders. They do not feel Polish, they are the Highlanders and that’s the end of story. They are reluctant to be Polish but emphasize their individuality. Same with Canarians. They live an even more relaxed life than the Spaniards. They are incredibly friendly but at the same time they speak very little, or no English at all. So you’ll need to have a wide smile and use hand gestures to get along. Which is cool! A good smile on your vacation is essential. People smile at each other in shops, on the beach… except for the lifeguards, whose job gets more intense during high waves. It’s probably the most stressful job a Canarian can have, because tourists can behave like children even in the face of life-threatening situations.

Besides Mr. Lifeguard everyone grins like a Cheshire cat. In particular, owners of the small family pubs located in garages of fabulously colourful buildings surrounded by tons of flowers. Those are their family businesses, maintained by the generations. They sit in front of their pubs all days waiting for the guests and greeting from time to time to the bus drivers that salute them back with the joyful honking of horns. So yes, honks are used in Tenerife for greeting. The greeting person honks twice, the drivers of the other cars honks back once and the pedestrians raise their hands in salutation. Such a beautiful landscapes can be observed while listening to the soothing sound of ocean waves and inhaling deeply the mixture of tropical flowers and local food scents. A paradise from which you never want to leave.

Our favorite place in Tenerife is a small town situated at the foot of Los Gigantes. It has an amazing atmosphere, which fills you with calm and is incredibly relaxing. It’s called Playa de las Americas, and you will also find a hotel of the same name. This high quality four-star hotel has a beautiful pool and offers romantic evenings and concerts, and very few children. It's a good choice, because when you go on vacation to enlarge the family you must remember that the most important thing is to relax and be calm. This is what you can find a powerful dose of in Playa de las Americas. Romantic walks, the sun hiding behind the other island, waves crashing against the shore... there is no place more beautiful in the Canary Islands than this. 

Aside from Playa de les Americas, the central place of Tenerife is the Teide National Park which surrounds the 3,700 meter volcano baring the same name. Moreover, despite the fact that Tenerife is very close to Africa, according to researchers, the surrounding areas of the Teide volcano was inhabited by an ancient civilization called "Guanche" who were fair skinned and red-haired! Legend says that Princess Guachara, named after one of the peaks of Mount Teide, was unhappily in love with the monster living inside the volcano. Unfortunately, the monster despised her unusual beauty and Guachara was mad with grief. Apparently, when there is strong wind in Tenerife, its breezes carry the plaintive cry of the princess.

We did not hear a cry. The strong wind carried the sounds of guitar concerts in the evenings while during the day it cooled our faces from the scorching sun. Tenerife, with its volcanic beaches and the picturesque village of Puerto de Santiago at the bottom of the cliffs of Los Gigantes gave us what we wanted the most: peace, relaxation, and most importantly - a deep breath, which allowed us to renew our nerves and distance ourselves from the worries that we left back in Warsaw.


By Malwina Be (Poland)

Malwina, Maciek, and Mati - or is the most popular parenting blog in Poland. Its unique style is due to it being shaped by the entire family. Everyone, even 2-and-a-half-year-old Mati, adds a little bit of themselves to it. Malwina describes the world using humor and emotions. Maciek focuses on the concrete and pragmatic side (although once in a blue moon he surprises readers with his film creations – that’s just his charm). Mati, an explosive, out of the ordinary “blogger”, who dearly loves his parents, provides an extraordinary involvement while posing for photos. This small fellow constantly inspires his parents with fresh ideas for future blog articles. Bakusiowo is a story about a family that decided to stop time and get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. This is a story about a family for whom life has to adapt, and they are not the ones who have to adapt for life. It’s a story about a family that always puts family first.