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FEMIBION has developed supplements for the special phases of pregnancy, from before conceiving to the end of breastfeeding.  FEMIBION food supplements provide well chosen nutrients that, used as a complement to a balanced and varied diet, can support the mom and the baby during this special and exciting time.

Welcome to the exciting journey to motherhood. Think of Femibion as your pregnancy partner, providing the inspiration and expert advice you need during this special time. We are here to help you not only become a great mom, but also stay the great woman you are. Here’s to the adventure ahead…

Fertility Calendar

Work out your fertile days. With our clever fertility calendar, you can quickly and easily calculate the days when you’re most likely to conceive. All you need is the first day of your last menstrual period and your cycle length. Then click on the ‘Calculate’ button and you’ll get your very own personal fertility calendar for the coming months

Femibion supports working mothers

Being a mom is one of the most demanding jobs a woman can do. After all, in those first few months, you’re responsible for the survival and well being of a small human being.


Your pre-pregnancy bucket list

When you’re trying to get pregnant it’s all too easy to fixate on the future. In fact, now is a great time to enjoy life to the full and make the most of your pre-baby days. Here are just a few ways to take your mind off babies until you finally become parents


Still in search of the perfect name for your baby?

Naming your baby is an important step, but it can also be a challenging one. Still in search of the perfect name? We have some inspiration.


Is breastfeeding the right choice for me?

There are a lot of advantages to breastfeeding, both for health and practical reasons, but the decision isn’t always straightforward. Here are a few things you may want to think about before you make your choice.


Popular Questions

Feel too shy to ask your doctor? Feel too awkward to ask a friend? Get personal advice from our experts. We treat your questions confidentially. Always.

Welcome to the start of your journey into parenthood