Your lifestyle during pregnancy influences your baby's health.

You can influence more than you think

Pregnancy is an exciting time, when you become pregnant you’re busy thinking about all the different things you need to do for your baby’s arrival: buying the pram, taking pre-natal classes, learning about feeding schedules and much more.




The Smart Shopper’s guide to a healthy pregnancy

Nutritious foods, like fruit and vegetables, and also a supplement with folate/folic acid should be at the top of every expectant mum’s shopping list.*


The Ultimate Pregnancy essentials

Nutritious foods, like fruits and vegetables, and also a prenatal supplement containing folic-acid, such as Femibion, should definitely be number one on your list. A recent study suggests that just 25% of a baby’s health is pre-determined purely by genetics; up to 75% can be influenced by the interaction of the genes with the mother’s lifestyle choices (including nutrition, weight of mother and baby, avoidance of stress or smoking)...




What is epigenetics?

Scientists now know that certain genes are switched on or off depending upon environmental factors – a field of science known as epigenetics (from the Greek ‘in addition to genetics’).



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