Lisa’s blog post – “Working mothers – Femibion support mothers with careers”

Being a good mother is quite hard. We all want the best for our children and grow daily with our tasks. For our children, we are the safe anchor, we are the roots and give them wings. This requires responsibility, stress resistance, assertiveness and so much more. At the end, it is not a balancing act that we should forget. If you only have a child and a family to manage is already a lot to do, then if a job comes in the game, it becomes almost a tightrope.

I would like to introduce you to the Femibion campaign, which supports mothers with their careers. Because for many, the decision to get a child is not so simple. Frequently, the fear is that the career is over or having a child brings disadvantages to a job. Unfortunately, fears are not unfounded. Femibion wants to show that maternity is not a drawback in the professional life, but a plus. No other job requires as much dedication and knowledge as motherhood from the first day, and mothers are able to take responsibility, make decisions, and develop new skills. The whole thing even with not much sleep. Why should mothers then be worse off than colleagues without children? Of course, children are sometimes sick and mothers will remain with the sick child, but if mothers do a good job, this should be easily acceptable.

Many women do not mention their maternity leave, and only around 8% mention the skills they have acquired during maternity. Why? Many women think that it could adversely affect their career. But this is not always the case! There are employers who appreciate the skills of their employees who have experienced as a mother. Time management, prioritizing, organizing and rapid decision-making are always an advantage at work.

When I got pregnant, I was in the last train of my studies and got my diploma with a small miracle in my stomach. Unplanned and always desired. A pretty good time as I find, because now as a mom, I can start to work and I am quite optimistic that this is working well. I am fortunate to be able to earn my money with my blog, so I was able to sit back and relax in the first months. However, something has changed, because sometimes I had to attend events to talk about them and there was now a little baby. At the beginning, I was unsure how to combine motherhood and my work. At the end, it was easy. Little N. was a sugar-sweet baby, 90% happy and always smiling. I could easily take him to jobs and he liked it. But when Little N. became more mobile and wanted to experience more, he was no longer quite as enthusiastic about the events and my mother or other relatives had to take care of him. Since these events are not happening too often, this has never been a problem.

But when Little N. is going to the daycare by the end of the year, I would like to look for a job in the marketing area as I studied for it. Of course, I am afraid of this step. I spent 20 months with my son at home, took care of him every day and he was the center of my daily life. But we must grow, grow in our tasks and learn to let go. I would like to offer my child something, I want to make a career and still be the best mother that my son can wish for. I think we can do this, I have already completed internships during my studies and was a student. I have great work and lots of passion. Not only the passion of a mother but the passion of a woman who wants to achieve something. I think mothers have much more bite and know exactly what we want. We do it not only for us, but for our children, and when we are successful and happy, our children too.

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