FEMIBION supports working mothers

Being a mum is one of the most demanding jobs a woman can do. After all, in those first few months, you’re responsible for the survival and wellbeing of a small human being. During this time, you’re constantly absorbing new information, making crucial decisions and practicing new skills, often on reduced sleep. What other job requires this level of dedication and expertise from day one?

Yet the qualities acquired by new mums tend to be underrated. Many women don’t bother including maternity leave on their resume, and fewer still – around eight per cent – list the skills they’ve gained since becoming a parent. Why don’t they? Often, women are concerned that being a mother will hinder them in the work environment making them less desirable employees. There is a fear that being a mum or taking maternity leave will be negatively viewed by the company.

But many of these same, transferable skills that are gained when you become a mum, are highly valuable in the corporate world. Think time management, ability to prioritize, organization, multi-tasking, research and decision-making, to name but a few…

This video highlights the amazing qualities and experience mums bring to the workplace. We think it’s time working mums got the credit they deserve, don’t you?



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