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FEMIBION has developed supplements for the special phases of pregnancy, from before conceiving to the end of breastfeeding.  FEMIBION food supplements provide well chosen nutrients that, used as a complement to a balanced and varied diet, can support the mom and the baby during this special and exciting time.

I’m planning on having a baby but don’t want my colleagues to know yet. How can I keep it on the down low?

Once you start actively trying for a baby, it can feel like the whole world knows your secret. In fact, people are rarely as observant as you think. It’s worth having a few stock answers ready, though, just in case. Here are a few ways to throw your nosier colleagues off the scent:

Why you’ve stopped drinking

If anyone notices you’ve suddenly sworn off alcohol, just tell them you’re detoxing. It’s the truth! If it’s a big work do you can’t get out of then take the car and you have the perfect excuse.

Why you’re avoiding caffeine

If there’s one giveaway that you’re trying for a baby it’s probably switching to decaf. If anyone asks, tell them you’ve had trouble sleeping lately so you’re taking a break from the espressos to see if it helps.

Change the subject

If the topic of babies comes up at work, be vague. ‘I’d love to be a mum someday’ is all you need to say. Alternatively sidestep the conversation altogether with a swift ‘Wow! I love your top, is that new?’ White lies are fine, too. Once your workmates know you’re pregnant – and you announce the news in your own time – they’ll totally understand your need for privacy.

Don’t feel pressured

It’s against the law for an employer to ask about your baby plans. So don’t feel you have to be honest even when asked directly. You don’t even have to let your employer know you’re pregnant until X weeks before the baby is due – what you choose to do is nobody’s business until then.

Lean in

There’s no knowing when you’re going to get pregnant, so don’t let the future dictate your present plans. It’s fine to put yourself forward for exciting new projects and promotions – you can cross the pregnancy bridge when you come to it. 

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