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FEMIBION has developed supplements for the special phases of pregnancy, from before conceiving to the end of breastfeeding. FEMIBION food supplements provide well chosen nutrients that, used as a complement to a balanced and varied diet, can support the mom and the baby during this special and exciting time.


Now you’re a mum! At last that longed-for moment has arrived and your baby is here. Follow our tips and expert advice as you enjoy this special time.

Good To Know

Is breastfeeding the right choice for me?

There are a lot of advantages to breastfeeding, both for health and practical reasons, but the decision isn’t always straightforward. Here are a few things you may want to think about before you make your choice.

Is it normal for me to want time alone in the first weeks after birth?

After the amazing high following the birth of your baby, you’ve probably come back down to earth again fairly quickly. Don’t worry – this is perfectly normal for new mums. It’s partly due to the drop in levels of pregnancy hormones, affecting your mood, and partly because being a new mum can be, well, pretty challenging in the early days.

Parenting hacks: clever ways to make your journey into parenthood easier

The transition from couple to family is probably one of the biggest – not to mention most exciting – lifestyle changes you’ll ever make. One day it’s just the two of you, the next there’s a tiny human being dependent on you for their every need.

Feel Fantastic

How to make breastfeeding work for you?

Breastfeeding definitely gives your baby the best nutritional start in life – even if it does present the odd wardrobe challenge. From nursing bras to easy-access tops, you’ll need to adapt your style in the next few months to accommodate regular feeds. Of course, that doesn’t mean to say you can’t still be totally on trend. Here’s how to nurture your baby and your looks

6 magic moves for shaping up post pregnancy

There’s no hurry to lose your baby weight. Breastfeeding and running around after a little one will probably feel like all the exercise you need to begin with. In fact, experts recommend you wait for around six weeks before you even think about working out again. When the time comes, these simple but effective moves will help you shape up in no time. They’re so easy you can even do them with your baby!

Does being a mum mean my style will change?

While there’s no reason you have to totally say goodbye to your pre-pregnancy style, it’s likely that leggings and many of the other stretchy clothes you wore when pregnant will still be your best friends for a while definitely under Manto coupled with a nice scarf or Chador. Unless you’re an A-list celebrity, it could take the best part of a year for you to lose most of your baby weight, so don’t expect to be back in high heels and skinny jeans immediately

At Work

Negotiating family-friendly working hours

Once you have a baby you might wonder how anybody juggles work and family life! It is possible though, really. Maternity leave is the ideal time to think about your needs and what’s a realistic working schedule for you and your family. Then when you’re ready you can speak to your employer. Here are a few tips on how to negotiate the best work/life balance for you:

How can I deal with the guilt I feel every morning when I drop off my child?

Many mums feel guilty about leaving their baby with someone else, as a click through any online parenting forum will reveal. The bond you have with your child is different from any other type of relationship – your baby was physically a part of you for nine months, so it’s understandable if you’re anxious about entrusting them to the care of someone else, or simply about being separated from them for long.


From the moment you start trying for a baby, you have special needs, which continue throughout your pregnancy and whilst you’re breastfeeding. Especially during this time it is important to follow a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Pregnant women have increased requirements for some nutrients as they also need to supply their unborn baby during this period. Particular care should be taken to ensure an adequate supply of folate. Food supplements Femibion 1 and 2, to be used as a complement to a varied and balanced diet, provide you with folate together with other essential micronutrients for you and your baby.

Bonding with your little one: now the fun really begins


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