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6 magic moves for shaping up post pregnancy

There’s no hurry to lose your baby weight. Breastfeeding and running around after a little one will probably feel like all the exercise you need to begin with. In fact, experts recommend you wait for around six weeks before you even think about working out again. When the time comes, these simple but effective moves will help you shape up in no time. They’re so easy you can even do them with your baby! 

1. Baby squats

You spend most of your days holding a baby, so you may as well put that extra weight to good use. Standing with your legs shoulder-width apart, hold your little one securely in your arms. Now slowly bend your knees and push your bottom backwards as if sitting on an invisible chair. Slowly straighten your legs again and repeat 10 times. Do this every time you’re on your feet with your baby and you’ll soon notice a distinct difference in your behind.   

2. Weight-busting walks

Walking is a wonderful way to raise your heart rate, burn fat and tone your lower body. Aim for a brisk walk – that’s a quickened pace that makes you feel slightly out of breath – and do for around 30 minutes a day to see results. It’s also the perfect opportunity to take the pushchair so your baby can enjoy some fresh air too. 

3. Buggy workouts

Some gyms run buggy fitness classes for new mums, but you can start a group of your own if not. All you need is a light three-wheeled buggy and a pair of trainers, and you’re good to go. Start with a brisk stroll before breaking into a slow jog. Just make sure your baby is securely strapped in – and avoid potholes! 

4. Baby aqua aerobics

A trip to your local swimming pool with your baby is a fantastic way to bond and be active at the same time. Don’t worry about trying to do lengths. Just holding your baby in your arms and gently bobbing about in the water together is exercise enough. Plus your baby should be nice and sleepy afterwards. 

5. Tummy toners

Tummy time isn’t just good for babies. Next time your little one is on the play mat, lie on your front then raise yourself up onto your forearms and toes until your torso is a few inches off the ground. Aim to hold this plank position for 20 seconds then relax and repeat five times – or until your baby gets bored! You should notice your abs tighten up within a few weeks.

6. Pelvic floor squeezes

This is one exercise you can do anywhere – whether that’s in front of the TV or in the queue at the bank. Simply contract the muscles in your vagina as if trying to stop peeing mid flow, then relax and repeat 10 times. Do this several times a day to maintain good pelvic tone.