What to do when our busy work schedules are keeping us apart?

Making a baby isn’t always as straightforward as it seems. If you or your partner work away a lot, or you’re both exhausted, it can feel downright impossible. Here’s how to sync your schedules…

Work out your window

Start by calculating your most fertile days. These are typically day 9 to day 15 in a 28-day cycle. Mark these on the calendar and do not schedule important work commitments round them where possible.  

Don’t stress

Sex might feel like the last thing you want to do after a stressful day at work, but it’s actually the perfect antidote. One study found people responded better to stress after sex, thanks to a rise in the hormone oxytocin.

Set the alarm

If evenings are not a possibility, why not try a sexy wake-up call? Testosterone levels are at their highest in the mornings anyway, so he probably won’t be complaining about the early start.

Do it when you can

Even if your schedules won’t allow for sex at your most fertile time, it’s still worth getting physical. Not only has regular sex been shown to improve the quality of sperm, studies suggest that couples who have sex regularly throughout the month are more likely to conceive than those who restrict sex to their most fertile days.

Make room for a baby

If demanding careers mean you barely see each other now, things will be a whole lot trickier once you’re parents. Take a look at your work-life balance as a couple and identify where there’s room for improvement. Once you have a baby, you’ll both have to free up a lot more time anyway, so it’s worth making some healthy changes now.