Congratulations! You’re on your way to being a mum.

From what to eat to what to wear, understanding and dealing with strange pregnancy signs, plus getting to grips with your maternity rights, we’ll help support you through the next all-important few months.


Is it safe to eat sushi? What can you do now to help you prepare for the birth, and why do you keep forgetting things?

Discover the vital information you need to help you sail through a stress-free pregnancy.


Give your baby a great lift-off into a healthy future journey

Did you know that up until the last month of your pregnancy your lifestyle can influence your baby’s future health? Good nutrition can play an important part! Answer 5 quick questions to find out what to consider - amongst other things - for your nutrition. Good luck.


Why should I continue to take folic acid after my...

Folic acid plays an important role in the beginning of your pregnancy, but did you know that it can still be helpful in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters?

Sushi, cheese, alcohol… is it bad for my baby?..

It’s one of life’s cruelest ironies that when your appetite is at its most rampant, you can’t indulge in all your favorite things...

Baby brain – what’s happening to me?

Many women report becoming forgetful during pregnancy. Here’s the lowdown on those memory-lapse moments:


Your body is going through some quite amazing changes right now but that doesn’t mean you can’t exercise or that you have to wear clothes you hate.

There are plenty of creative ways to stay fit and look super-stylish right up until your baby’s birth.


Pregnant and professional – your new working...

A working wardrobe can be tricky enough without having to accommodate a growing bump. Thankfully, most maternity ranges now stock workwear.

Can I still do sport now that I’m pregnant?

It’s great that you already exercise and want to carry on. Exercise is good for both you and your baby, and as long as you’re healthy with a normal pregnancy.


From coping with morning sickness before you’ve shared your good news with your boss, to deciding how much maternity leave to take, we cover the most common work-related pregnancy questions, plus what to consider before making those big decisions.


I’m planning on having a baby but don’t want my colleagues to know yet.

Once you get over the thrill of discovering you’re expecting, the first few weeks of pregnancy can be quite a challenge. As well as dealing with annoying symptoms like morning sickness and fatigue, there’s the added stress of having to conceal those telltale signs – something many women do ...


Dealing with pregnancy signs when no one knows...

Once you get over the thrill of discovering you’re expecting, the first few weeks of pregnancy can be quite a challenge. As well as dealing with annoying symptoms.


From the moment you start trying for a baby, you have special nutritional needs that continue throughout your pregnancy and whilst you’re breastfeeding.

Especially during this time it is important to follow a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Pregnant women have increased requirements for some nutrients as they also need to supply their unborn baby during this period. Particular care should be taken to ensure an adequate supply of folate. Food supplements Femibion 1 and 2, to be used as a complement to a varied and balanced diet, provide you with folate together with other essential micronutrients for you and your baby.

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