Pregnant and professional – your new working wardrobe

A working wardrobe can be tricky enough without having to accommodate a growing bump. Thankfully, most maternity ranges now stock workwear so you can still look professional when you’re pregnant. Here’s how to style out the next nine months in the office…

Stall on maternity clothes

For the first three months of your pregnancy you can probably get away with your normal work clothes, opting for looser fitting tops and trousers. Zip and button extenders will allow you to loosen waistbands for a good few weeks, in the “barely-there” bump phase.

Dress to impress

Gone are the days when women wore big tents with bows on to distract from their bumps. A close-fitting soft jersey dress will expand with your bump and create a clean, professional silhouette while above all being comfortable. Invest in a smart dress from a higher end label and it will see you through the next nine months in style.

Sharpen your silhouette

Throw a structured jacket over softer jersey dresses to give your look a sharper more formal line. A smart tunic top over black slim-fit maternity trousers is another way to work comfy-but-chic. 

Treat your feet

You may find you go up at least half a shoe size during pregnancy, so lace-up brogues or Chelsea boots (both very on-trend right now) are both good options – particularly for long commutes. High-heel junkies may find themselves thrown off balance as their bump grows, so a sturdier mid-heel might be preferable.  

Don’t break the bank

There’s no need to spend a fortune on maternity clothes. You’re only going to be wearing them for the next nine months, after all. Most high street retailers do great maternity wear for reasonable prices.

Work your accessories

Even though you might not be able to fit into all the latest fashions right now, you can still update your look with a new leather tote or some statement jewellery. Treat yourself!