What does the average woman spend on maternity wear – and how can I plan for it?

Women spend an average of £130 per pregnancy in the UK and $200 in the US, according to a leading maternity brand. However, a click through various pregnancy forums shows that this ranges from next to nothing to hundreds of pounds or dollars and, not surprisingly, tends to be higher for first pregnancies.

If you have the money and want to spoil yourself then go ahead – there’s plenty of gorgeous designer maternity wear out there. But, if you’d prefer to keep your cash for those baby essentials, you can still look stylish on a budget. Try these ideas…

Get pregnancy style on a budget

• Use accessories to help your pre-pregnancy clothes last as long as possible. These include waist extenders to help you fasten trousers, skirts and jackets. A support band will also discreetly cover your expanding middle and hold your clothes in place while supporting your back and tummy.

• Invest in a few pregnancy basics such as leggings or jeggings, maternity jeans and long, loose tops and cardigans. Choose a lot of black, white or neutral colours that will make putting outfits together easier.

• Go for stretchy fabrics that will flatter your bump then shrink back again after the baby’s birth.

• Choose comfy, soft supportive materials that won’t irritate your skin – this becomes more important as you get bigger.

• Think ahead. Opt for trousers and skirts with adjustable waistbands so you don’t have to keep buying more clothes as your bump continues to grow. It’s also a good idea to invest in a couple of dresses for comfort around the waist.

• Make sure you wear a well-fitting maternity bra – proper support is extra important during pregnancy as the milk ducts are developing.

• Ask mum friends if they have any maternity clothes you can borrow, check out nearly-new maternity sales, or sign up to ‘secret’ sales websites or social media pages of your favourite brands for discount alerts.





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